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my collection of horns 2003

I have always loved music but an understanding of what I was hearing eluded me. At 45, having never joined two notes in a meaningful fashion, I heard my daughter Nelle playing Euphonium at school; thought "maybe I can do that" and bought a Trumpet. It became a passionate obsession. For some years I had a wonderful teacher in Mr Allan Holman who persisted in coaching me despite an inborn lack of rhythmic sense. Daily practice is an inviolate routine, jazz and classical trumpet recordings and my latest passion, brass band music play almost exclusively in house and car. In addition to a growing instrument collection, a broadly eclectic collection of recordings and a burgeoning sheet music library will someday be a terrific legacy for some talented young musicians somewhere. It is a difficult path to follow coming from such a non musical start point but every gain is a triumph as was gaining credits in grade two music exams and later in the grade three practical. After six years in the adult starter band The Top Tones I switched focus to the Tenor Horn and now play in Brisbane Brass 3, the 2005 - 2007 Qld Champion D Grade band. This band holds some very talented young people and I feel no need to go through the exam process again.

some admired trumpeters

the Getzen 300

My main instrument now is an old Besson E flat tenor horn which is played daily. Number one trumpet is an old Getzen 300 student horn, I take a Jupiter pocket trumpet on holidays and carefully play an old York flugelhorn when I think I want to sound beautiful. Sometimes I have a warble on the latest acquistion, a 1928 Boosey cornet and will one day learn to play my folly, a Jupiter slide trumpet

favourite brass ensembles

Jupiter slide trumpet border= black Jupiter pocket trumpet just like my li'l fella

other admired musos

the smokey, honey voiced Beth Gibbons

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